Collection: This is not a Blue Bottle

« This is not a blue bottle 1.1 », « This is not a blue bottle 1.2 » and « This is not a blue bottle 1.3 »

This is not a blue bottle derives its name from The Treachery of Images, a famous work in the 1920s by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The painting shows the image of a pipe above a declaration which reads, translated from French, as “This is not a pipe”. In between the line where things go from void to existence, there is a profound depth of possibility.

This is not a blue bottle is the allegory of a fragrant big bang, a journey from the abstract to the most fiery of emotions in the infinite realm of blue. This is the expression of an olfactory hallucination and a blue page representing freedom of expression for all.

« This is not a blue bottle 1.4 » and « This is not a blue bottle 1.5 » Ying & Yang

In the Yin Yang philosophy, every element in the universe has its own opposite: feminine-masculine, day-night, fire-water, natural-synthetic…

Yin & Yang are two complementary forces that are interdependent on one another. They are two aspects of the same reality.

1.4, Yin, the natural energy focus on itself, the inner power, the depth of the elements, the return to the sources and the reflection.

1.5, Yang, the synthetic energy entirely outward-looking, the creative power, the vivacity, the future, the evolution and the action.