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Design Interior & Furniture

Indulge yourself with refined contemporary design to evoke emotion, creativity and style within your home. Discover modern and vintage home decoration and furniture handcrafted in Italy.

Vase Moro Lady

Ceramic vase of the Sicilian tradition, showing a dark brown head, painted and finished by hand. The collection of these dark brown heads are beautiful and rich decorations of various different styles that blend and are enriched in being together. Here merges art and history, in fact, the tradition of creating these vessels dates back to around the year 1000, when Sicily was dominated by the Arabs. Since this rule is born and grows an extremely valuable artistic style and ornamental, still present in your homes.

Armchair Pozzo

Inspired by the 30s design armchair, it boasts clean lines with an elegant finish. The design features comfortable yet sophisticated look, embracing deep black colour.

Pouf Classic with Lion

Velvet classic style pouf with side metal handles and the Lion embroidery, makes your home classy and gorgeous.

Side Table Checker Set

Perfect for the homeowner with a passion for black & white interiors paired with natural precious materials, this side table duo with chequered design creates a stylish accent.

Consolle Garda

Enrich your interior or office with the luxuriously stylish Consolle Garde with quality mirror glass top.