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Queen Victoria’s favorite Clive Christian, Gérald Ghislain’s outsdanding Histoire Des Parfums, the resurrected 1920’s brand, J. F. Schwarzlose and many more.


When a Greek scientist based in Amsterdam becomes a perfumer, the result can be nothing less than a sophisticated yet avant-garde surprise. Collection is not named after gunpowder in Greek for nothing: Spyros Drosopoulos’ olfactory wonders come in small glass cubes containing wonderful Pure perfumes with poetic names like Berlin im Winter, Dama Koupa or Indigo.

Clive Christian

Founded in Victorian England, originally called Crown Perfumery soon became the favorite supplier of fragrances to Queen Victoria who granted them the right to use a replica of her crown as a cap. After having been dormant for almost a century, the brand has been re-launched by the famous British interior designer who made sure his pure perfumes were masterpieces of pure luxury.

Historie des parfums

An olfactive library that is telling stories about famous characters, raw materials, mythical years, poems and music. Governed by no rules other than inspiration, it’s a brainchild of Gérald Ghislain, a loquacious individual who has chosen to bring his stories to life in the most sensitive and sensual medium, perfume. They are to be read on skin.

J. F. Schwarzlose

After a significant success in 19th century and until late 1920’s, this brand practically disappeared along with many joyful, creative and fine things that were part of a pre-war Berlin. Re-launched by a trio of creative entrepreneurs whose ambition was to revitalize a fine fragrance German brand in the market dominated by French and Italian players. Mission accomplished!

MiN New York

Contemporary, innovative and unexpected collection of Scent Stories which changes the way a fragrance can trigger memories or make them. Created under supervision of Chad Murawczyk in his New York flagship located in Crosby Street, in the artistic neighborhood of SoHo, they quickly proved to be stylish game changers in the industry.

Ormonde Jayne

Linda Pilkington, the founder and creator of this fabled London fine fragrances brand knows personally all her suppliers, as she personally chose all the ingredients in her hand made scents on the locations where they come from. Considered to be the epitome of British excellence and a holy grail of niche perfumes aficionados, Ormonde Jayne is a joy to discover and a privilege to wear.

Pantheon Roma

Nobody tells a love story as passionately, intensely and suggestively as Italians… Pantheon Roma brings us a love story between the famous painter Raffaello and his beloved Donna Margherita in emotional, fragrant chapters inspired by two famous protagonists, their passionate love, the enchanted garden where they fell for each other and other hidden corners of The Eternal City.