Cedro Atlas by Nobile 1942
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Cedro Atlas

Nobile 1942
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There are 3 chords created within the essence of a wood of a tree that grows in North Africa, in Marocco, on the high grounds of the Atlas oasis: the Atlas Cedar.

I - Superhero

Superhero is a fresh flowery chord and slightly spicy.
It is ideal for making a good start to the day, for feeling fresh and calm. Ideal in the morning during free-time and sport.
It’s a fresh captivating perfume with an extra something! No doubts!

II - Cola

Cola spurts energy and speaks entirely for itself. As far as we can remember, this is the first time that we have produced a fragrance like this.
Always and on any occasion. A glamour effect that draws everybody’s attention.
A rich composition and the unmistakeable perfume of Cola: always a winning formula!

III - Robinson

It is a woody / aromatic chord.
It is a “grown-up” and virile fragrance, extremely elegant and refined.
You risk having to share it at home … and it’s not necessarily only the men in your house that will want to use it. An irresistible and timeless fragrance.