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Jacques Zolty's life story is like a fairy tale. Born in a small village near Biarritz, he made his way into the photo model business (agency Paris Planning Men) in the 60s and traveled all over the world, being a model for Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. Then he decided to become a photographer, and achieved some success: Kate, Cindy, Claudia, Lady Di, Nureyev and Baryshnikov – all of them were in front of his camera and in his house on St. Barth, as neighbors or guests.

"Red like lips. Red like rage. Red like love. Red like sensuality. Red like energy. Red like boldness. Black like adventure. Red like prohibited. Red like a challenge. White like a dream. Red like passion.

Déclaration Love is a collection which celebrates, with six fragrances, Jacques Zolty's love for women, perfume and passion. Six female portraits, taken over the years, are the starting point of the story, ...of moments of a private life. Those profound or fleeting [moments], glimpsed or imagined, hidden in everyday beauty, where the artist can see a spark that lights up the senses.

Living moments liquefy into intriguing elixirs, imprisoned in bottles that go from the deepest red to black, to reveal the essence of the colors that bring life to passionate feelings. We are swept off to different times and places, but linked by the same fil rouge (red string): a bon vivant vision which tells about freedom, enthusiasm and adventure, with the tones of that refined simplicity, tremendously chic and typically French, that distinguishes Jacques Zolty as perfumer, photographer and artist of life.

Six different and complementary essences write a new olfactory chapter which relates, in the artistic dialogue between eyes and nose, that creative fraction of a second to take a picture and for a smell to capture us. Photography and perfume make time stand still, seize the moment and celebrate the red of life. Every fragrance is a dream of love, a declaration of love, a story of love."


Crazy Belle

The perfume of Parisian nights. Intense, elegant, unique. Voluptuousness is in the air. A hand caresses, a soft voice whispers in an ear, a spark runs through the veins. Irresistible, drowning in a floating vortex of music, lipsticks, fatal glances, bare backs, red soles. Another round of bass and it’s already six. On the road, at the traffic light, there is a very beautiful woman at the wheel of an Aston Martin. When the light turns green, her high speed restarts, singing at the top of her voice. Like a crazy-good morning, in the dazzle of the dawn" - brand's info.

A spicy, gray, sharp-camphor beginning, in which energy, electricity, and a spark of ignition are felt: In my opinion, the scent does not feel like a night perfume; for me it is a morning impulse toward life, a fresh morning breath before the first smile of the day. It can help after a sleepless night in the club - to boost some energy into a tired body - I guess, for me it's not enough "now"... The transparent floral-aquatic heart of Crazy Belle, slightly rough due to pepper, bitter greens and woody notes, reminded me of the once famous unisex fragrance Preparation Parfumee Andree Putmann created by the magnificent Olivia Giacobetti - but I don't insist on this. If the fragrance reminds a famous photographer of his photograph of Claudia Schiffer - so be it. Light, not very noticeable and without a bright pronounced sillage, this summer scent is perfect for office work and weekends. In winter, it will get lost and freeze outside - in hot summers, it is an ideal wear.

Crazy Belle Jacques Zolty

Top notes: Elemi, Bergamot and Pink pepper;
Middle notes: Jasmine, Peach, Cyclamen and Watery notes;
Base notes: Sandalwood, Ambergris and Musk.



Coco Love

"There is a place where body, mind and soul find harmony again. On tropical shores, in the shade of coconut palms caressed by sea breezes. Here, lying down with eyes half-closed, you may see some Creole women, with pale and amber complexions, pass. Now and again, one of them slows down, her eyes full of strange spells. Thoughts wander lightly and impertinently. Lost in a delicious dream of tactile and creamy treasures." - brand's info.

An incredibly long-lasting and expansive scent, Coco Love begins with a ylang-ylang-decorated Piña Colada glass on the beach. As if you are checking into a tropical beach hotel, beautiful girls greet you with a coconut cocktail, hang garlands of jasmine and ylang around your neck, and show you a snow-white hotel beach framed by palm trees. Everything around smells of tropical flowers, and especially coconut oil, which is used everywhere on this island; oil for sunburn and after-sun treatments, body and hair oils, coconut toffee and caramel, coconut drinks and cocktails… Even the desserts that you will be served as compliments from the chef every day will smell of coconut and vanilla. You will remember this noticeable smell forever as you get used to it... And this smell of the sea and the sun can now be taken with you to your gray city, where, in addition to summer, there are also autumn and winter. Special thanks to the accents of ambergris and earthy-woody nagarmotha - they give Coco Love a vibrant marine shade.

Coco Love Jacques Zolty

Top notes: Coconut and Bergamot;
Middle notes: Marine notes, Ylang-ylang and Jasmine;
Base notes: Nagarmotha, Ambergris, Vanilla, Tonka beans and Whipped cream.



"She is French, chic, arrogant, has style galore. A way all her own of thinking, walking, holding a cigarette, sitting or having a coffee. But when the freshness of her mornings, the scent of sensual flowers and juicy fruits are locked in a golden cage, she feels it is time to escape. Distances exist to be traveled, and the smell of freedom is so sweet. In the distance, love for that woman is boundless. Her tyranny has reopened the path to a sublime scent, never left again." - brand's info.

A damn gorgeous bouquet of white flowers, from neroli and lily of the valley to orange blossom and tuberose. Cold and fresh, with a subtle spicy touch of May lilac, surrounded by crisp, starchy whiteness. The main message of the fragrance is purity and femininity. I found Tyrannique as a more expensive and higher quality version of Today Avon, with fewer orange blossom notes but with more lilies of the valley and white musks (but it's only me - your mileage may vary.) Therefore, this wonderful aroma, "a holiday that is always with you," would not so much seduce others as it observes from the sidelines.

Tyrannique Jacques Zolty

Top notes: Sweet orange, Neroli and French orange blossom;
Middle notes: Tuberose, Magnolia, Ylang-ylang and Lilac;
Base notes: Vanilla, Ambrette and Musk.


The first three fragrances of the Déclaration Love collection are available on the our website, in Eau de Parfum concentration, in 100 ml bottles. 


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