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Jacques Zolty Crazy Belle


The perfume of Parisian nights. Intense, elegant, unique. Voluptuousness is in the air. A hand caresses, a soft voice whispers in an ear, a spark runs through the veins. Irresistible to drown in a floating vortex of music, lipsticks, fatal glances, bare backs, red soles. Another round of bass and it’s already six. On the road, at the traffic light, there is a very beautiful woman at the wheel of an Aston Martin. When the light turns green, she high speed restarts, singing at the top of her voice. Like a crazy good morning, in the dazzle of the dawn.



Elemi, Bergamot, Pink Pepper


Jasmine, Peach, Cyclamen, Water Accents


Sandalwood, Amber, Fruity Musk

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