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Nobile 1942 Chypre 1942

Dedicated to Anna, a strong and proud woman, confident in the promise of destiny.

It has a classic style, with powdery hints which make it particular and sophisticated.

So charming.

Her ever-active mind quickens, contemplating the possibility of new horizons. Among citrusy smells of bergamot, tangerine and orange blossoms, she loves stargazing, or watching the sun rise, her deep, intense stare cast eastwards, where tuberose, jasmine, damascean rose and benjoin head for. Hers is an unconventional way of life, like the outbreak of natural events, whose spontaneity marks the way she sweeps away all those near her in a tempest of charm, amber, tonka bean, mysore sandalwood and impulsiveness. Her way of dress, of adorning and perfuming herself, cannot but be original. This singularity, when combined with her elegance of vanilla and oak moss, crowns her perfect, alluring figure, to which Chypre 1942 adds an aura of strong femininity, thanks to patchouly.


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