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Nobile 1942 Rudis

"Rudis" represented both the beginning and the ultimate goal of the life and career of a gladiator. It was a tool, but also a symbol, it did not harm, but offered relief.

The scent inspired by this object, therefore, had to simultaneously consider strength and gentleness, battle and freedom, life and death, virility and weakness.

The representation of the sword’s wood was then countered by an accord between leather, and rose with geranium which combined evokes metallic helmet. However, the scent had to represent this man who, contemptuous of danger, sets out to regain his life, crossing the threshold of the arena. The gladiator would drink himself into a stupor before a fight, with wine made from grape juice and fermented fruit, which we found again in this perfume with marc note, blended with bergamot, dried fruits and fruity notes to deliver courage. Saffron gives personality to the heart, cedarwood makes it precious, cloves put something more in the mix. The final patchouly seals the masculinity of a exhausted gladiator, employing its last efforces to win. Vetiver and helicrysium makes the victory reachable, like a musky and incense-smell dream.


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