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P. Frapin & Cie Parfums Laskarina

Frapin honours Laskarina’s memory with a perfume of character. Afterall, she is a truly multi-faceted muse: part wife, mother, business woman and adventurer.She was unfettered, fearless, and her own woman – all qualities shared by the great heroines of history and the early feminists. More than just a perfume, Laskarina is atribute to Womankind. It applauds those heroines of yesteryear who blazed the trail for strong women today, and salutes those who are still fighting against injustice. Legends like the first woman to run the Boston Marathon fifty years ago, Kathrine Switzer, who was forcefully opposed by the organizer mid-race. Every right won is avictory, the prize of a fierce battle fought by women who always refused to give up.

Amélie Bourgeois rose to the challenge of finding the notes for such a strong-willed perfume. She built a floral, spicy jus, gentle yet feisty, reflecting the paradox of Laskarina. You could say it embodies the iron fist in a velvet glove. Starting off on fresh, sweet notes, it ends on unyielding accords of pepper and amber.

Top notes:

Italian bergamot, grapefruit, pink peppercorn, pear sorbet

Middle notes:

Tunisian orange blossom, Bulgarian rose

Base notes:

frankincense, black pepper, iris, Ambroxan, Ambrocenide

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