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Age control Foundation

A supreme skin-perfecting treatment foundation that helps combat the signs of aging while creating a younger-looking complexion with flawless finish. Powered with a unique complex of potent anti-aging ingredients, this moisture-enhancing formulation helps restore skin firmness and elasticity and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with antioxidants from green Shiso leaves to help shield against environmental damage. Contains photo-luminescent diamond spheres to optically veil imperfections. Provides long-lasting, natural medium-to-full coverage. Oil-free.

Age Control Foundation is perfect for drier skins or anyone who is concerned with visible signs of ageing such as pigmentation, thinning, dullness, lines and loss of firmness and elasticity. Excellent 'inside and out' approach to mature skin.

Shade Range

Zelens Active Colour Age Control Foundation comes in a range of 5 versatile shades to satisfy most skin tones:

  • Cameo - Palest cool (classic English Rose)
  • Porcelain - Cooler beige
  • Cream - Palest warm
  • Beige - Mid-toned neutral beige
  • Tan - Olive tone

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